Rachel & the TreeSchoolers 

This new series:

  • Rachel Colemandelivers a well-rounded preschool curriculum
  • helps kids get ready for their first day of kindergarten
  • is hosted by Emmy-nominated Rachel Coleman from Signing Time
  • is based on an educational framework developed by Emily Swan, Ph.D.
  • includes lots of songs that help kids remember what they've learned
  • teaches children HOW to learn (using the CORI method)
  • actively involves kids' whole bodies in learning
  • teaches emotional intelligence
  • nourishes self-esteem

TreeSchoolers DVD/CD Sets

TreeSchoolers 1-3

TreeSchoolers 1-3

Price: $64.99

TreeSchoolers 1: A Rainy Day

TreeSchoolers 1: A Rainy Day

Price: $24.99

TreeSchoolers 2: Plants and Flowers

TreeSchoolers 2: Plants and Flowers

Price: $24.99

TreeSchoolers 3: Incredible Insects

TreeSchoolers 3: Incredible Insects

Price: $24.99

Free Activity Guides 1-3 

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TreeSchooler Guides Ep. 1-3
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Finally - a show that's as smart and fun as your kids!Rachel and the TreeSchoolers logo

Today's children's programming is light on education, heavy on advertising. Unfortunately, selling trumps teaching.

  • FACT - Only 1 in 8 kid's educational programs meet high quality standards (1)
  • FACT - Only 1 in 4 were classified as minimally educational (2)
  • FACT - Advertisers spend $12 billion a year on ads targeting children (3)
  • FACT - TV execs told us that Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is "just too educational for children's television"

What is Rachel & the TreeSchoolers?

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers incorporates the best elements of Schoolhouse Rock, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street to deliver a well-rounded preschool curriculum for ages 2-6. This new series:

  • CORIlets your child go to preschool with Rachel from Signing Time!
  • actively engages children in learning
  • teaches values like kindness, teamwork and sharing

How is it different from Signing Time?

The goal of Signing Time is to introduce ASL vocabulary to children. The goal of Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is to build on the proven teaching methods used in Signing Time to deliver a preschool curriculum. You'll notice that in the TreeSchoolers shows, Rachel uses signs to support the teaching of key concepts. Funded by you!

Why is it funded by parents and teachers?

The TV studios we approached about Rachel & theTreeSchoolers turned us down because the show was "too educational for children's television" (their words). We disagreed - and we knew our Signing Time families felt the same way. So we took the project directly to them through a Kickstarter campaign. In 30 days, nearly 2,400 people pledged $218,000 to fund a total of 6 episodes. You'll see many of those supporters' kids in the shows! Episodes 4, 5 and 6 are scheduled for release in 2014. Funding opportunities for Episodes 7-12 will be available in the near future.

TreeSchooler Activity Guides

What does it have to offer teachers?

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers is a great resource for your classroom or child care center! In fact, we've created a free PDF Activity Guide for each of the episodes to make it easy for you to bring the TreeSchooler experience to life in your classroom. Each guide is packed with activities, games, flash cards, and other printables.

You can feel confident about using Rachel & the TreeSchoolers in your classroom because it:

  • is based on a comprehensive educational framework developed by Emily Swan, Ph.D.
  • uses whole body learning that engages children in multi-sensory learning
  • uses the CORI method of learning which teaches children to learn HOW to learn
  • uses layered learning approach where multiple concepts are taught simultaneously - mirroring how learning happens in real life. For example, in Episode 2, the song 5 Spring Flowers teaches counting from 1-5 - forward and backwards, which is the foundational skill for adding and subtracting. It teaches colors and feelings as well.

Rachel ColemanWho is Rachel Coleman? 

Rachel Coleman is the Emmy-nominated host of signing Time. In TreeSchoolers, she plays the part of the preschool teacher. She's like Mary Poppins meets Mr. Rogers – able to connect with and teach children of all ages. She’s created original songs that help children remember concepts for the rest of their lives (think School House Rock).

Who are the TreeSchoolers?

treeschoolers simon

treeschoolers penny

treeschoolers abacus finch

treeschoolers bongo

treeschoolers chroma chameleon

treeschoolers isaac newt

treeschoolers abigail nightengale

treeschoolers tomas

treeschoolers firefly hue