Baby Signing Time (Ages 0-3)

Getting digital? Our digital products include e-books, PDF guides, mp3 music albums and digital videos. Digital products are not shipped to you in a box. They are downloadable products that are delivered to you electronically through SigningTime.TV (online) and the Signing Time TV app which is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Baby Signing & Potty Time Systems

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Baby Signing Time

Your child's first 100 words in songs and signs

• Helps babies communicate before talking
• Reduces frustration
• Increases bonding
• Opens a window to your child's heart and mind

Watch Molly the amazing signer!

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Why Parents LOVE Baby Signing

Yesterday, I went to pick up a piece of trash that fell out of my car and bumped the door shut and locked my 18-month-old inside. It was 94 degrees out. I fought to keep calm as I tried to pry the window open and keep him happy while we waited for the police to arrive. Although it seemed like hours, he was in there only 6-8 minutes. I want to thank you because he was able to sign to me and I knew he was still coherent. I don't think the thought of him sweatily signing for water will ever NOT make me sob, but I'm so thankful that we had a way to communicate. Thank you so, so much! ~Becky

My son is now 2 but was getting so frustrated trying to tell us what he wanted and would act out a lot. Now he is always happy because he can sign! ~April

My twins needed to learn sign language when they were diagnosed with autism....I love love love these videos..I can not recommend them highly enough!!! ~Shaunna

I just ordered the digital videos. The excitement on my son's face when he started watching it was worth every penny. ~ Jen R.

A Message from Rachel

I see signing as an essential parenting tool, but I’ve heard parents say, “I would love to learn to sign, but I just don’t have the time!” This gets at the heart of Signing Time. I don’t waste your time. Why? Because I am a busy mom, too! I quickly and effectively teach you signs in a way that will help you to actually remember the signs, without studying.

Your children will begin to initiate this learning experience, because it’s something you get to do together. They want to spend time with you. Signing forces you to put down your phone, turn away from the screen and look into your child’s eyes as they look into yours. Signing with your children fosters real communication in a day and age when that seems to be disappearing. Start your signing adventures today!

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