The Signing Time Classroom Edition is an excellent resource for any school setting: preschool, home school, public school, private school, playgroups, after-school clubs, and church groups. Although the activities are geared for ages 3 - 9 (PreK - 3rd grade), this program is useful for students of all ages.

The Classroom Edition is packaged as a two-inch binder containing eight DVDs, two music CDs, and sixteen units of lesson material.

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    Unit 1: AT SCHOOL

    • school

    • line up

    • pay attention

    • learn

    • remember

    • principal

    • teacher

    • class

    • student

    • write

    • read

    • quiet

    • rest

    • book

    Each unit is organized around a dozen or more signs and contains fun activities for sign language practice. The DVDs in this program consist of previously released material from our best-loved, award-winning Signing Time series, edited to deliver the most critical teaching segments by topic. The music CDs contain favorite Signing Time songs and sing-along accompaniment tracks.

    Each of the sixteen units of teaching material includes the following sections:

    Teacher Tips: Brief articles with useful helps and hints for using sign language in the classroom.

    Sign Reference Guide: A handy guide with pictures and descriptions teaching how to sign the words in each unit.

    Introducing the Signs: Fun ideas for introducing the signs in each unit.

    Games and Activities: Activities with educational merit that provide opportunities for sign language practice. Organized by age/grade range and matched with select national standards according to McREL's Compendium of Content Standards and Benchmarks.

    Poems and Songs: Practice each unit's signs with simple poems and familiar tunes.

    CD and DVD Lyrics: Sing and sign along with the Signing Time songs on CD and DVD.

    Book List: A list of children's books relevant to each unit's topic.

    Flash Card Sheets: 246 black-and-white sign flash cards! Flash cards can be photocopied so each student can have their own set.

    Supplemental Materials: A Certificate of Achievement and additional templates for certain activities are included. All are presented in crisp black-and-white for easy photocopying.