The Preschool and Child Care Program contains all the resources needed to teach American Sign Language in an engaging, fun-filled lessons and activities to infants, toddlers, and and preschoolers. This program includes:

  • 4 Teacher Guides
    each with 7 complete units of fun songs and easy to do activities
  • 4 Baby Signing Time DVDs
    featuring Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman
  • 4 Baby Signing Time Music CDs
    with songs that teach and inspire
  • 4 Resource CDs
    with hundreds of printables
  • 4 Sign Reference Charts
    24" x 36" posters with color photographs and supporting illustrations
  • 1 Program Binder
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Price: $199.99

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    The Signing Time Preschool and Child Care Program gives you music, videos and easy-to-do activities that teach language and social skills through signing. This complete package contains all the resources you need to add music, movement, signing, and fun to your early childhood classroom, playgroup, or day care program. Includes 4 teacher guides, each with 7 themed units, 4 Baby Signing Time DVDs, 4 Baby Signing Time Music CDs, 4 Reference Charts, and 4 Resource CDs with hundreds of printables. Includes a free binder for easy storage.

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    Awesome Child Care Program

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    This is a wonderful program. We bought the four volumes and binder separately, but we loved the first couple so much we ended up getting the whole series within the month. My childcare kids (ages 5 months to 8 years) love the songs, signs, color sheets, etc. They also love that they can earn a certificate for each lesson. We have children as young as 9 months repeating the simple signs and my children 2 and up know all the signs we have gone through. The only problem we had is the three hole punch through the pages doesn't match up to the binder so I re-punched all the pages.