Company: Starry Sky Signing Connection
Title: Master Signing Time Instructor
Hello! My name is Cindy Lymangrover. I am a former Substitute Educational Interpreter for Allen County Schools in Indiana. After an automobile accident made interpreting no longer practical, I was relieved to find Signing Time as a way to share American Sign Language. After looking at various other companies which teach Baby Sign Language, I chose Signing Time because of the fact that it is so comprehensive. It goes beyond just signing with hearing babies. Our children/grandchildren can grow up on Signing Time and have an engaging tool for continuing education and language development. I've seen first hand the benefits of increased self-esteem and confidence when the twins sign and sign the colors of the rainbow or when going to pre-school sing "Hello Back Pack" while walking to get on the bus. Sharing the benefits of signing in early childhood education in the community is accomplished through one-on-one lessons, presentations, teacher workshops and home parties for parents of infants, toddlers and other preschoolers. Contact me if you would like to learn how you and the youngsters in your life can benefit from learning American Sign Language Vocabulary.
Cindy L: