When Chroma Chameleon discovers that her cousin’s habitat is endangered, the TreeSchoolers naturally want to help. With Rachel’s guidance, they discover that there are lots of things they can do to take care of our Earth! Along the way, they learn about continents, seasons, and the many ways our Earth takes care of us.

Teaches more than 60 ASL signs!


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    In Extraordinary Earth, Rachel and her TreeSchooler friends learn about:

    • Months of the year
    • Seasons of the year
    • Geological formations
    • Natural resources
    • The seven continents
    • Conservation and recycling
    • Being an everyday hero

    ASL Signs in this Episode

    Earth - world - continents - North America - South America - Africa - Europe - Asia - Antarctica - Australia - equator - sun - Northern Hemisphere - Southern Hemisphere - winter - spring - summer - fall - seasons - January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December - United States of America - islands - mountains - valley - river - earthquake - storm - geode - volcano - lava - gold - silver - diamond - oceans - sand - endangered/danger - metal - salt - gas - rocks - conserve/conservation - reduce - reuse - recycle - take care - litter - glitter - trash/garbage - natural resources

    About this DVD + Music CD Set

    The DVD is 45 minutes, subtitled, and includes special features. The CD features 10 original songs written by Rachel Coleman with sing-along tracks for each:

    • Rachel and the TreeSchoolers
    • I Wonder
    • Seven Continents
    • Song of the Seasons
    • The Earth Is Always Changing
    • Earth Takes Care of Me
    • What if Everybody Did It?
    • Glitterbug
    • Everyday Hero
    • Share It

    How are TreeSchoolers videos different from Signing Time videos?

    The goal of TreeSchoolers is to teach a complete preschool curriculum. The goal of Signing Time is to teach ASL signs. Both shows features original songs by Emmy-nominated host, Rachel Coleman. Both shows feature ASL signs. Signing Time completely focuses on signing. And since research shows that signing can help preschool children learn and remember new concepts, it was natural to include a handful of ASL signs in TreeSchoolers, too!

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    South dakota


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    <p>I cannot express how much my daughter benefits from these treeschoolers DVDs.!! She is 3 and we both are in love with signing time.</p><p>The songs are catchy and she absorbs the information quickly.</p>


    Best preschool learning dvd's out there: a hidden gem

    Educational Value:
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    <p>People think my child is a genius because he knows so much, but honestly it's because the Treeschoolers videos effectively tech hard concepts in ways my 4 year old can understand them. We love the songs, and the subject matter. It often shocks people that my preschooler knows the 6 continents and can speak to the importance of caring for the Earth, or why land forms arise, or name the months and corresponding seasons. Best educational
    Purchase to date. Truly a hidden gem of a series!</p>