TreeSchoolers 7: Scientific Reasoning - DVD/CD ASL, Sign Language, Baby Sign Language, Kids ASL, Kids Sign Language, American Sign Language

TreeSchoolers 7: Scientific Reasoning - DVD/CD (823860003666)

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The TreeSchoolers are getting ready for the science fair! As they work on their projects, they'll help your child explore concepts related to: forms of matter: solid, liquid, gasgravitylightairwaterbuoyancydensity magnetsparticles ASL Signs in this...
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<p>Our family loves all the products that Two Little Hands produces. We watch Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, or Rachel & the TreeSchoolers almost every day. As much as we enjoy all of the products, the "Scientific Reasoning" episode has to be one of our absolute favorites. It touches on MANY areas of science, and it teaches children how to think about problems. This episode is not about memorizing facts; it's about discovering the world around us and figuring out how it works. The music is great, there are a huge number of signs taught that are hard to find elsewhere, and it even keeps the attention of my one year old. My educational background is in engineering, and I still learned some scientific concepts that were new to me. Be sure to check out the bonus features.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1