Signing Time Season One Learning System (DVD Edition)

Signing Time Season One Learning System (DVD Edition) (823860003840)

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This set of educational videos helps boost vocabulary, spelling and reading skills.This set contains thirteen DVDs in one economical case:Volume 1: My First SignsVolume 2: Playtime SignsVolume 3: Everyday SignsVolume 4: Family, Feelings & FunVolume...
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All of my kids love these DVDs!!

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<p>I have a 2 1/2 year-old daughter with unilateral microtia and atresia, so she gets speech therapy once a week. She actually speaks and hears very well even without her hearing aid so I never really pushed for learning sign language. To be honest, I'm actually worried more about her twin sister's speech than hers. I've purchased many learning and speech therapy based DVDs instead to help my daughter, but she never showed much interest in them (they were a little boring and redundant). </p><p>My daughter's speech therapist let us borrow a few of the Signing Time DVDs and I was impressed at how educational and entertaining it was for all of my kids, even my 5 year old. After the first DVD my daughter and her sister began using almost all of the signs on the videos and it's even helped my other daughter (who doesn't have a hearing problem, but doesn't speak as well as her hearing impaired sister) speak better. She's not only signing but speaking more words as well. I knew I had to have the whole set after that. I've searched ebay and amazon, and the price of the set on this site was actually a much better value.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1