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Friends and Play Bible Fun Teaching Guide
Do you teach Sunday School or Bible lessons? This multimedia collection has lessons, activities, and ideas for using everyday signs to share and learn the Word. When using American Sign Language, Bible stories come to life and lessons are hidden away in the heart, ready for understanding and easy recollection later.

What you get:

  • Bible Fun Teacher's Guide (PDF)
  • Rachel Teaching Bible Signs (digital video)
  • B-I-B-L-E Song (digital video)
  • B-I-B-L-E Song (mp3)
  • Playtime Signs (digital video)
  • Playtime Signs (mp3 album)

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    About the Bible Fun Teacher's Guide

    The guide incorporates commonly used ASL signs in five different lessons about friendship, manners, obedience, cleanliness, and learning God’s Word. Each lesson includes songs, videos, poems, books, discussion topics, activities, and crafts so you can provide a complete multi-sensory learning experience.

    Signing Time Vol. 2, Playtime Signs teaches the following ASL signs: Friend - Play - Train - Doll - Bike - Bear - Your Turn - My Turn - Please - Share - Thank You - Book - Read - Socks - Yes - No - Thirsty - Drink - Dirty - Clean - Potty - Wash Hands - Bath - Hurt - Sorry - Stop - Go - Wait - Grandpa - Grandma.

    The Bible Fun Teacher's Guide was written from a non-denominational, evangelical perspective. The Bible versions referenced were taken from the New International Version and King James Version; however, no direct quotes were used, but summarized with reference to the passage. This was done so any Bible version that the reader uses will be applicable.

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    <p>I was really excited to see this, but then sad to notice it's not a dvd. Why?</p><p><br></p><p>Signing Time Response: This product used to be a DVD, but we are able to offer more with digital, like the Bible signs. You are able to print out the guide (it is a PDF), and the sheets are downloadable, too. The DVD is actually Playtime Signs, so you can purchase it and have the DVD, but you would need the digital version to have the rest of the items.</p>