Learn hundreds of ASL signs! Get all 26 DVDs - 13 Season One DVDs and all 13 Season Two DVDs, each in a handy case. Now it's easy to take Signing Time anywhere you go!

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    This set of educational videos teaches ASL signs and helps boost vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills!

    Season One set contains thirteen DVDs in one case:

    • Volume 1: My First Signs
    • Volume 2: Playtime Signs
    • Volume 3: Everyday Signs
    • Volume 4: Family, Feelings & Fun
    • Volume 5: ABC Signs
    • Volume 6: My Favorite Things
    • Volume 7: Leah's Farm
    • Volume 8: The Great Outdoors
    • Volume 9: The Zoo Train
    • Volume 10: My Day
    • Volume 11: My Neighborhood
    • Volume 12: Time to Eat
    • Volume 13: Welcome to School

    SeasonTwo set contains thirteen DVDs in one case:

    • Volume 1: Nice to Meet You
    • Volume 2: Happy Birthday To You
    • Volume 3: Move and Groove
    • Volume 4: My Favorite Season
    • Volume 5: Going Outside
    • Volume 6: Days of the Week
    • Volume 7: My Favorite Sport
    • Volume 8: My House
    • Volume 9: My Things
    • Volume 10: Helping Out Around the House
    • Volume 11: Once Upon a Time
    • Volume 12: Box of Crayons
    • Volume 13: Who Has the Frog?

    Case dimensions: 6 x 5.5 x 1 inches.

    This set does not include music.

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    We love signing time!

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    <p>I purchased the complete collection 7 years ago and we still enjoy this wonderful curriculum. My kids are as engaged as ever.</p>

    Sandy, Utah

    LOVE this program!

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    <p>I heard about Signing Time from my father, who worked at a special needs school. He said it was a fun way to help kids communicate better. I purchased the regular set of Signing Time for my baby, and she LOVES it!! We watch it every morning, and it is so much better than I was expecting! She is 18 months and has been watching it since she was about 6 months old. She's very advanced with her communication, and she signs almost everything she says! I have loved watching her make the connection between Rachel's videos and real life! This program is bright, fun, and easy to learn for everyone, even me! Her songs are catchy, so you will find yourself singing them all day. (That isn't too bad, though.) I wish I had seen that they had a signing time specifically for babies, because I might have bought both sets and started her out on the easier ones. However, it has been a wonderful influence in our home, and we will continue to enjoy it! Thank you, Signing Time!!!!</p>