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Signing Time Sentences builds on the 1,000+ signs taught in the original SigningTime series. This introduction to ASL teaches you how to:

  • introduce yourself to others
  • ask questions, express preferences
  • use classifiers to represent objects
  • get and use name signs
  • use finger spelling
  • use numbers 1-20
  • and more!

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    Signing Time Sentences 1: Let's Get Started
    Alex and Leah from Signing Time are all grown up! They're back to teach you how to put signs together to make sentences so you have have conversations in American Sign Language. For kids of all ages.

    This video has two play options:

    • Level 1: Voice On
      Watch this level first to hear all of the dialogue
    • Level 2: Voice Off
      Use this play option for a more challenging practice opportunity

    Parent Reviews

    • Covered ASL grammar in a simple and easy to understand way. Lots of fun. ~Colleen
    • Loved the way you divided the screen with Alex showing English and Leah doing ASL. Perfect! ~Elizabeth
    • This video covered almost everything the ASL class I took from the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind covered in eight sessions! Amazing! ~Kathy
    • I liked the explanation of the "little words" and how they disappear. The concept of the words moving around and being kicked out of the sentence helped to give a visual reference. ~Amy