Lullabies selected and performed by Rachel Coleman, host of the award-winning Signing Time series.

  • Good Night Baby
  • Here Comes the Sandman
  • I'll Leave My Love
  • Lullaby Against Bad Dreams
  • Angel Lullaby
  • Little Beloved One
  • Night Time Comes
  • Lullaby of the Heavenly Mother
  • Lullaby Song
  • The Page of Tomorrow
  • You've Got Wings
  • Special to Me
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    "When Lucy was two years old, I was singing "here Comes the Sandman" to her. As I sang, the thought hit me that when I was two years old, my mom held me countless nights and sang that same song to me. Someday, Lucy will hold her own child and sing her to sleep. It was in that moment that I thought of the line "I used to be the baby and my mom sang to me" which became the inspiration for the song "Good Night Baby." 

    This CD is dedicated to the countless generations of mommies and daddies who sang their babies to sleep - and all the babies who will grow up and someday sing to children of their own. May you continue to fall asleep hearing the sound of someone who loves you dearly."

      ~ Rachel Coleman