ASL Signs Taught: colors - red - orange - yellow - green - blue - purple - rainbow - fruit - strawberry - pear - peach - grapes - watermelon - vegetable - carrot - corn - lettuce - bean - potato - walk - run - sit - swing - dance - sing - jump - swim

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In Flash Card Set 6: My Favorite Things, Rachel, Alex, Leah, and their frog Hopkins teach ASL signs for fruits, vegetables, colors of the rainbow, and activities. 

This is a companion set to Volume 6 DVD and Board Book 6 and contains 29 4x6-inch cards printed on heavy UV-coated card stock, a non-toxic plastic D-ring, bonus Signing Time collector card and directions for a fun flash card game.

How to Use the Flash Cards

  • Insert the yellow D-ring through the hole at the top of each card to keep them together
  • Clip the cards to your diaper bag or purse so you're ready for signing fun wherever you are
  • Review the signs after watching Volume 4 DVD or reading Board Book 4
  • Play the games listed on the first card - or create your own!

Additional ideas:

  • Organize the cards alphabetically, by border color, or by Signing Time friend
  • Post the cards to label objects in your home
  • Slip the cards into a 4x6 photo album for easy reference
  • Share the cards with your child's other caregivers

NOTE: Flash cards are intended for use only with close adult supervision. They are not toys.