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The Signing Time Classroom Edition is an excellent resource for teaching American Sign Language in any school setting: preschool, home school, public school, private school, playgroups, after-school clubs, and church groups. Although the activities are geared for ages 3 - 9 (PreK - 3rd grade), this program is useful for students of all ages.

The Classroom Edition is packaged as a two-inch binder containing eight DVDs, two music CDs, Teacher Resource Disc, and sixteen units of lesson material.

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    Each unit is organized around a dozen or more signs and contains fun activities for sign language practice. The DVDs in this program consist of previously released material from our best-loved, award-winning Signing Time series, edited to deliver the most critical teaching segments by topic. The music CDs contain favorite Signing Time songs and sing-along accompaniment tracks. Teacher Resource Disc contains the printables for each lesson.

    View sample pages by clicking on the blue text below.

    Unit 1 – School
    Unit 2 – Classroom
    Unit 3 – Colors
    Unit 4 – Feelings
    Unit 5 – Alphabet

    Unit 6 – Numbers
    Unit 7 – Getting Along
    Unit 8 – Family
    Unit 9 – Outside
    Unit 10 – Seasons

    Unit 11 – Eat and Drink
    Unit 12 – Fruits and Vegetables
    Unit 13 – Days of the Week
    Unit 14 – Pets
    Unit 15 – Animals
    Unit 16 – Zoo Animals

    Each of the sixteen units of teaching material includes the following sections:

    Outline: Lists the signs taught in the unit, audio visual materials needed for the unit and the contents of the unit.

    Teacher Tips: Brief articles with useful helps and hints for using sign language in the classroom.

    Sign Reference Guide: A handy guide with pictures and descriptions teaching how to sign the words in each unit.

    Introducing the Signs: Fun ideas for introducing the signs in each unit.

    Games and Activities: Activities with educational merit that provide opportunities for sign language practice. Organized by age/grade range and matched with select national standards according to McREL's Compendium of Content Standards and Benchmarks.

    Poems and Songs: Practice each unit's signs with simple poems and familiar tunes.

    CD and DVD Lyrics: Sing and sign along with the Signing Time songs on CD and DVD.

    Book List: A list of children's books relevant to each unit's topic.

    Flash Card Sheets: 246 black-and-white sign flash cards! Flash cards can be photocopied so each student can have their own set.

    Supplemental Materials: A Certificate of Achievement and additional templates for certain activities are included. All are presented in crisp black-and-white for easy photocopying.

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    Wow this is Great, outstanding and wow wow wow. thank you for all the time you put into it. i cant wait to get started!

    Everything in one binder

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    I have really enjoyed the Signing Time Classroom edition! In one binder there is everything needed to properly teach a classroom of children sign language. The way the binder is organized makes it so much easier for a teacher to incorporate their theme into signs. When a classroom is being introduced to signs for the first time, the teacher can start with simple signs about school and whats in the classroom. The children can learn everything from the alphabet to counting, family and feelings to seasons and outside fun. Right in the binder are games, flash cards, including songs and poems. My favorite part of the videos were Rachel's tips on how to break down the signs so we can remember each sign. I had learned so much more from her tips. The cd's are great for singing along with Rachel and practicing the signs they learned. My 2 yr old son, Grayson, really enjoyed the classroom edition. I loved it! Great job Signing Time for another great product!


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    I purchased the Signing Time classroom kit after our student who was deaf moved and his interpreter was reassigned to another school. My kindergartners love to sign! We watch the DVDs, sing the songs on the CDs while signing, then I send home the flash cards so that they can teach their family the new signs they have been working on in class. Their parents are amazed! I have found that teaching with Signing Time addresses the different learning styles (auditory, kinesthetic and visual). Signing Time is amazing- is there a Classroom Edition 2 in the works???