Learn American Sign Language! The Signing Time Learning System teaches kids ages 3+ American Sign Language Vocabulary and how to put ASL signs together to start having their first conversations in ASL.

Includes: 13 Signing Time Series One DVDs, 13 Signing Time Series Two DVDs, and 3 DVDs plus 1 Blu-ray of Signing Time Sentences each in a handy case.

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    This set of educational videos teaches ASL signs and helps boost vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills!

    Series One set contains thirteen DVDs in one case:

    • Volume 1: My First Signs
    • Volume 2: Playtime Signs
    • Volume 3: Everyday Signs
    • Volume 4: Family, Feelings & Fun
    • Volume 5: ABC Signs
    • Volume 6: My Favorite Things
    • Volume 7: Leah's Farm
    • Volume 8: The Great Outdoors
    • Volume 9: The Zoo Train
    • Volume 10: My Day
    • Volume 11: My Neighborhood
    • Volume 12: Time to Eat
    • Volume 13: Welcome to School

    This set does not include music.

    Series Two set contains thirteen DVDs in one case:

    • Volume 1: Nice to Meet You
    • Volume 2: Happy Birthday To You
    • Volume 3: Move and Groove
    • Volume 4: My Favorite Season
    • Volume 5: Going Outside
    • Volume 6: Days of the Week
    • Volume 7: My Favorite Sport
    • Volume 8: My House
    • Volume 9: My Things
    • Volume 10: Helping Out Around the House
    • Volume 11: Once Upon a Time
    • Volume 12: Box of Crayons
    • Volume 13: Who Has the Frog?

    Case dimensions: 6 x 5.5 x 1 inches.

    This set does not include music.

    Note: DVD/Blu-ray set contains four discs: a DVD for each episode and a Blu-ray disc with all three episodes.

    Alex, Leah, Rachel, and Hopkins the Frog are back! Signing Time Sentences builds upon the one thousand vocabulary words taught in the original Signing Time series, as seen on public television. Learn how to put signs together in sentences with ASL grammar.

    Featured ASL Skills

    Ep. 1 - Getting Started

    signing the manual alphabet, pointing (singular, plural, possessive), knowing when to use fingerspelling, fingerspelling your name, getting a name sign, understanding how “to be" verbs are used, expressing preferences, using eyebrows when asking questions, signing numbers (age, counting, ordinal), using classifiers: C, F, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

    Ep. 2 - Going Places

    showing past, present, and future, making comparisons, using non-manual markers (head nod for is/isn't, body shift for if/then statements, and exaggerated movements and facial expressions to show emphasis), using expressions "what do" and "finish touch"

    Ep. 3 - Off to School

    indexing 1-6, signing double numbers (22, 33, 44, etc.), telling time, indicating am/pm, signing number of hours, expressing "be on time/sharp", using classifiers 4, 5, and V, using topic-comment sentence structure, using possessives