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In this episode, Simon gets worried when he sees the moon slowly disappearing! As Rachel and the TreeSchoolers set out to solve “The Mystery of the Missing Moon,” they learn about the sun, moon, stars, planets and the scientists whose questions and curiosity led to important discoveries about our universe. Teaches more than 50 ASL signs!

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    TreeSchoolers Ep. 9: Our Solar System introduces foundational vocabulary and concepts of astronomy, including: phases of the moon, gravity, orbits, asteroids, gravity, stars, constellations, galaxies, Milky Way, astronauts, and more. The video is 45 minutes, subtitled, and includes special features.

    ASL Signs

    airplane - animals - astronaut - astronomy - butterflies - comet - constellations - day - dog - Earth - eclipse - explore - falling star - frog - galaxy - gas - gravity - horizon - inferior planets - Jupiter - light year - Mars - Mercury - mice - moon - moon phases - moon rock - monkey - mountain - mystery - Neptune - new moon - night - orbit - planets - Pluto - rats - rocket - Saturn - shooting star - snail - solar system - space - stars - sun - telescope - Uranus - Venus - waning - waxing - x-rays - year - zenith


    • Rachel and the TreeSchoolers
    • I Wonder
    • ABCs of Astronomy
    • Twinkle Twinkle Big Bright Sun
    • Cruising Through Our Solar System
    • Gravity
    • The Phases of the Moon
    • Keep Looking to the Stars
    • Share It

    How are TreeSchoolers videos different from Signing Time videos?

    • The goal of TreeSchoolers is to teach a complete preschool curriculum.
    • The goal of Signing Time is to teach ASL signs.
    • Both shows feature original songs by Emmy-nominated host, Rachel Coleman.
    • Both shows feature ASL signs. Signing Time completely focuses on signing. And since research shows that signing can help preschool children learn and remember new concepts, it was natural to include a handful of ASL signs in TreeSchoolers, too!