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In Sing & Sign, Rachel Coleman teaches you how to sign along to thirteen of the most popular Signing Time songs from beginning to end. You'll learn signs for manners, food, family members, things outside, the entire alphabet, colors, fruits and vegetables, and many other ASL concepts.

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    Sing & Sign features Rachel Coleman signing thirteen of the most popular Signing Time songs from beginning to end. You'll have lots of fun while you learn the ASL concepts in each song.

    Sing & Sign features three viewing options for each song:

    1. Learn to Sign: Rachel shows you how to sign each song all the way through, and explains why you might encounter different ASL interpretations of the same song.
    2. Sing & Sign: Watch the words on the screen and follow along with Rachel as you sign each song from beginning to end.
    3. Original Versions: View music clips of each song, taken straight from the Signing Time series. It's like watching all your favorite music videos back-to-back!

    Learn to sign the following original songs from Vols. 1-6:

    • Signing Time Theme
    • Magic Words
    • Look at My Hands
    • Silly Pizza Song
    • Rainy Day
    • Good Night Baby
    • In a House
    • Beautiful Day
    • Feelings
    • A is for Alex and Alligator
    • The Rainbow Song
    • 5 A Day
    • Show Me a Sign

    Also includes special features. 90 minutes total. English Subtitles.

    NOTE: Some of these songs may include additional lyrics you've never seen before! (In many cases, Rachel teaches the version of each song found on the Signing Time Music CDs so you can perform with a music track.)

    Special Features:
    Singing & Signing with Signing Time, About Signing Songs, FAQ: Rachel's Color-Coded Fingers, More Signing Time Products, Preview Baby Signing Time Volume 3: A New Day, Preview Signing Time Series Two Volume 4: My Favorite Season.